This is a picture of Williams Obstetrics, one of the text books my dad used in medical school:Williams Obstetrics is still used in medical schools, but there’s something funny in the index of the 16th edition that you won’t find in the current 23rd edition. Look in the back under “Chauvenism” and you come up with this:

Rumor has it that the wife of the author was involved in the editing and indexing, and she apparently inserted her own opinion about the book. However it came to pass, “Chauvinism, male, voluminous amounts” is listed in the index of the sixteenth edition, with the starting and ending pages of the book as reference. I think it’s a funny commentary on the field of obstetrics at that time.

This article from shows photos from both the 15th edition (index in that issue reads “Chauvinism, male, variable amounts 1-923.”) and 16th edition and has a few more details if you’re interested.


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Welcome to my birth blog! Check out the pages above to learn a little more about me and my perspectives on birth.

The fall of 2011 finds me just having attended my first birth as a doula, with several more births scheduled in the coming months. I will be blogging here about being a doula and all things related to birth. I hope you will come back often and welcome comments and emails.

Many thanks to Jonelle and Elise for giving me beautiful pictures to use in the header and designing it for me. The header makes me smile every time I open this blog. Birth is indeed beautiful.